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The writings of author Ali Kayn, freelance writer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 460x44

A Brief Bibliography

End-User Docs
Technical Docs
Web Sites


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fan Resource book (editor)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Encyclopedia (contributor)



TV Week

Jul 9, 94 Where no Woman has Gone Before (Majel Barrett interview)

Australian Personal Computer

Sep 94 Almost Close Encounters (Space Software)

Oct 93 Flights of Fancy (computer animation software update & interview)

Aug 92 Animation on the PC (large feature & software reviews)

Various reviews.

Australian PC Review

Jul 1994 Software for Self Improvement (cover feature)

Apr 1994 A guide to drawing programs (software reviews)

Feb 1994 Learning Computing from Video (discussion, cost effectiveness of video/computer based training)

Jan 1994 Melbourne Home Computer show (roundup)

Various reviews.

Australian PC User

May 92 Using CompuServe (anecdotal/advice article)

Summer91 Slicing the Seconds, Time Management on the PC (with Jeremy Horey)

Various reviews.

PC Update

Jul 90 Facing up to WordPerfect (anecdotal/advice)

Aug 90 WordPerfect 5.1 revisited

Aug 90 Dear Diary (keeping records about your computer)

Oct 90 (Began an anecdotal semi-regular column covering keyboards, software, hardware, etc)



The Australian

5/7/94 Majel Barrett/BIG Entertainment interview.

various reviews.

The Age

6/7/93 Document Management (Resolving fundamental issues a starting point)

3/8/93 Weekly column, mainly software until 12/93

Web Sites

Melbourne Garden Guide
Features Editor
Columnist - Voyeur Gardener
Editor - Melbourne's Public Gardens

Festivale Online Magazine

Editor, Columnist, Reviewer


Sales and Information Collateral including white papers on electronic records management.


Sales and Information Collateral including white papers on electronic records management.


End User Documentation


  • Accounts Payable,
  • General Ledger,
  • Stock Control,
  • Order Processing,
  • Tour Processing,
  • Office Automation (including training and train-the-trainer materials).
  • Stocktake,
  • Retail Processing,
  • Purchasing,
  • Stock Control/Order Processing/Accounts Receivable interface,
  • Family Law & Convenyancing,
  • QReporter (ACD Processing & Reporting),
  • Conversor (Front Desk PABX interface for Sight-impaired users),
  • Time and Attendance System (Ford Motors).
  • Co-wrote and edited a Retail manual for point of sales (POS) staff including all policies and procedures.
  • Created and published an end-user booklet on Local Area Networking for Australia Post.
  • Created and distributed single-sheet guides for Telstra and Australia Post as Getting Started Guides.
  • Articles on Word Processing, System Administration and Time Management for various magazines, features on subjects such as Computer animation. Newsletters for Users at Australian Pacific Tours (used as a model by Kraft Foods) and Australia Post.

Technical Documentation

  • Systems Administration Manuals
  • Telstra Engineers Field Manuals (used for training and field work)
  • Controlled and sanity-checked Project Axis (Telstra) Functional Specifications

Management and Policy Documentation

  • Ceato (The Cargo Hold stores) Procedures (flow charted entire organisation)
  • ACSDU Standards Manual (end-user and technical documentation standards, policies and procedures)

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