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Water falls, a painting by Ali Kayn, female, naked, nude, landscape, waterfall, cascade; 280x173

Water Falls
HumanScape #1

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When you're in a job that has you (literally) standing in the same place for hours on end, people tell you their stories. Many of these songs are the stories of people I knew, sometimes only for a few hours.

Dark Night Blues

Gently, gently moves the night,
And loneliness creeps in.
Remembered kisses fill the air,
And the heart yearns out
Of our chest,
Seeking them.

They are out of our reach.
Our voices cannot find them.
Our love may not warm them.
Our bodies will not give them
Ease or joy.

Love and longing are energies
That defy the laws of physics.
They grow, they shrink, they dissipate.
And those of us it leaves behind,
Must walk the fantasies of “might have been”,
Argue our worth to absent ears,
And blend tears with
Burning, vengeful schemes –

The heart does not break cleanly.
It shatters,
Gaping cracks ripped dark and deep,
The shards piercing confidence,
And peace,
And faith in truthfulness.

In this life we live,
Like lonely islands,
Reaching for passing land masses,
Across seas warm and bountiful,
Or arctic, stormy,
Barren, and unforgiving.

The heart aches.
The effort-filled beats
Strain its muscle.
Tiring, heavy, cramping,
Stealing our breath.

And all the while
The mind spins on
Vainly trying to rewrite reality,
Make silky happy endings
From sows-ear history.

It spins,
And spins.
A creature trapped,
Running backwards on a wheel.

And all the while
Life moves on around us,
Filled with lovers young and old,
Helpmeets, bodies touching,
Cared for,
And unalone.

But the pain,
The pain.

With it we too are unalone.
It is the message of our heart --
That wounds are felt by the living,
That hope, like despair can bring pain,
That flowers grow
And the sun continues to burn above,
And we are part of all the things
Living and dying about us.

We are not alone.
We have the ache for company.
And those with the capacity
To hurt and bleed
Have hearts
Able to beat with joy again.

Ali Kayn
Melbourne, Australia
March, 2004
(For LS)

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