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Flower 01, a painting by Ali Kayn, daisy, representational, abstract.; 240x317

Flower #1
(from the artist's collection)

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Women's Lib A Letter to the Editor

A lady, in the Herald,
said young women of today,
lacked plain guts and ambition,
you know how they get that way ...

No make-up, no bra,
your legs unshaven too?
Don't cry "individual"
it's written all over you ...

The ones who swear,
say no too much,
or yes too soon;
well, you and I,
we know the tune ...

The Great Australian Cop-out
as perhaps you might agree --
if she isn't JUST what you think
a woman ought to be;
or says, or thinks, or acts, or does,
or lives, or is,
not the way you want to see.
Then it's plain to all the world
(or at least to you and me)
that she ...

Ali Kayn
Melbourne, Australia
October 13, 1977

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