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Information and Communications Technology

My ICT Experiences and Interests

; 20x15I have worked in all aspects of the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), from interviewing managers and staff and analysing their work patterns and policy requirements, producing Business and Functional Specifications through the development of custom systems or evaluation of pre-built systems, through acceptance testing, documentation and training to implementation and post-implementation reviews.

; 20x15In my time I have developed materials from one-page getting started guides through to three-inch binders filled with process charts, given train-the-trainer courses, end-user courses and cocktail/brunch briefings for executives and their secretaries. Different audiences require their own self-images to be considered as well as their day-to-day business needs.

; 20x15As a reviewer, I have evaluated hardware, software and courseware, and liaised with suppliers and their technical teams; while within organisations I have conducted acceptance testing, identifying and fulfilling user requirements together with producing management and budget reporting.

; 20x15I began in a small organisation gradually taking over the day to day running support of a minicomputer system and specifying, testing and accepting tailored computer systems. I have worked in offices with as little as three people, through to Australia Post and 17 projects at Telstra. During these experiences I have dealt with small (PC), medium and large scale systems and a wide range of people and their business needs and work comfort levels.

; 20x15I have met challenges and worked as the first level of support as well as acting as a subject matter expert (SME) liaising directly with suppliers for solutions. This has sometimes led to finding solutions to problems in the way people approach their tasks, identifying user errors and creating appropriate briefing and training materials.

; 20x15Doing a class in time management started me on a path that led to my teaching time management courses to help users take advantage of their office automation packages, and I have published articles on the subject.

; 20x15Working with management and sales staff has given me an opportunity to work on a variety of sales collateral including that required to actually sell the business. Writing material for web sites is key to creating a good first impression for today's organisation and well-produced sample applications help sell the organisation and the product.

; 20x15I am fascinated by the problems of electronic records management and digital memories, both personally and for businesses. As we increasingly gather and exchange data socially and as businesses we need to find strategies for storing and finding material, especially where it is mission-critical or required by statutory bodies.

; 20x15How do I know that I have led an interesting and varied career and impressed those that I have worked with? Simple. I have found parts of my resume in those of others with whom I have worked. If they didn't like my solutions and processes, they wouldn't have claimed them as their own. As one manager (Roger Forsey of Australia Post) once said of me, "She makes me look good."

; 20x15Organisations I have worked for include:
  • DataComm (Records Management)
  • Telstra
  • Australia Post
  • Australia Pacific Tours
  • The Cargo Hold Stores
  • Various Law Firms
  • And published reviews and feature articles in newspapers and magazines
Ali Kayn
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