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The writings of author Ali Kayn, freelance writer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 460x44

; 280x336

Inspired by actor Leonard Nimoy

; 20x15Novels
The Setrec Sequence

A trilogy of science fiction novels, set on the planet of Laes on the eve of revolution. Marl, a space-travelling freetrader plys her trade behind the scenes, giving her a rare view into events.
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Marl's Story, a children's science fiction story by Ali Kayn; 279x208
; 20x15Short Fiction
Marl's Story

Marl's Story is set years before the Setrec Sequence, telling the tale of her childhood rescue of a downed spacer.
(The basis for an unreleased animated short film).

The Found Stone

A chance encounter in the rain changes everything.

The First Christmas Tree Fairy

Yes, this is the original story which has been plagiarised on other websites, but first appeared in Festivale Online Magazine.

The Little Computer Who Could

A short-short about the perils of being technology.

The Good That They Do...

A fantasy short-short. In a far-off village a supposed witch lies dying.


A cautionary short-short tale about the power of imagination.

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