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Diana the Huntress; acrylic by Ali Kayn 2009; 380x437

Recent work: Diana the Huntress (part 1 of diptych)
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a business analyst and a freelance writer, photographer
and artist living in Melbourne, Australia.

What's happening?

; 20x15In October 2016, we at Festivale Online Magazine will be launching its 20th anniversary cover. Right now, in addition to content, I am recoding the web site to include structured tags (for searches) and mobile-first responsiveness, so that people can use the magazine more easily with a variety of devices and screen sizes.

; 20x15Geeks are very necessary, but there is a place for communicators like myself who enjoy being a human-geek interface. Click here for more about my ICT experiences and interests.

; 20x15Prints of several paintings and pastel sketches are becoming available at artist|rising, a division of

; 20x15Several short pieces of fiction are now available here, plus the opening of my novel, Salely.

; 20x15As I struggle with the process of digitising my libraries, I'm blogging. Alizandria is my library blog where I talk about all kinds of time and records management and, one of my favourite things, something-to-put-them-in, storage systems. The workbook is here

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